TechEd teacher looking to expand Signmaking Module


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I've been teaching TechEd for awhile and I'm looking to expand some activities in my class. My class uses modules to learn about various subjects. One of the modules that I have in my class is a Signmaking Module. This module is using Signmate Express 6.6v1, Service Pack 1 and a Roland CAMM-1 CX-12. I know, I'm sure it's far outdated by now, but unfortunatly I don't have much funding to spend in my class. The module originally included the Sign Design Elements Volume 1 CD for borders, clipart, etc. but it disappeared years ago. Since that time, student's have been making basic vinyl layouts with Signmate Express.
This year more students are becoming interested in the Signmaking Module so I'd like to get some ideas on what I can do with the equipment that I have. I'd also like to know if there is any open source software that would work with the Roland CX-12?
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It's good that you are trying to help expand the module to improve what they learn. Not sure what is in it but here are my suggestions.
1 Teach them some layout basics.
2 Teach them about color and the use of color.
3 Hands on of basic sign making skills. Weeding, taping and install skills for single and multi colors.
4 Materials and material selection. Uses for cast or calendered vinyl and basic substraight types and there uses.
The equipment you have will work for this and they will have the knowledge they need to make a decision on continuing to learn about the sign trade.


You may want to get these books

Mike Stevens ..Mastering Layout
Dan Antoneli ..Logo Designs 1 & 2


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Thanks for the advice. The objectives covered in the module are pretty thorough and along the lines of what Jimmy listed. What I am hoping to add are more advanced elements for students coming back to take the module a second time. That is why I am trying to figure out the limits to what my equipment is capable of. Any suggestions on affordable software for borders, images etc that can be used with the equipment that I have listed?