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Training for Semi-Trailer wrappers?

I want to pay for formal training for 2 of my employees to wrap semi trailers here in North Carolina, any advice?
I have several crews I use for trailer installs, but no one wants to train their replacement and I don't blame them, but I need to bring it in-house.


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Pretty much all of the wrap media companies have "training" options
once you get "certified" you can be added to their "authorized" list


Take a few on the chin
This is accurate. Though you may want to just rent a uhaul or something and practice on that, so you don't have to have a discount conversation with the customer. Some are open to the idea, others will say they are and never call again, and others will scream at you for imperfections. Though the last group doesn't likely drive semis...

Aaron Hunter

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See if your local suppliers will offer a clinic. We have Regional & Sun Supply up here and they will often have clinics where they bring in the talent and supply the film. Last one we did was through Avery and we went a few new employees through it. Usually a couple hundred per employee but they also got a decent set of tools and a tool belt.
Otherwise try UASG.org. They have some options.

Dale D

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I would recommend Wrap Geeks down in Ft Lauderdale Fla. Kenny the owner is a 3m certified school and is 1 of few than can 3m certify installers. He offers 3 day and 5 days classes. He is set up to teach almost all surfaces including rivets. He even does Dinoc.