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Hey guys,
I have a little problem. I have a file that is a eps file that has a ton of fades from one color to another. I have imported it into flexi 8.5 like normal, however when you highlight it, it has a large square area around it. If you try to contour cut it, It attempts to cut around the square.
I need to be able to contour cut it exactly around the shape. I am unable to do that.

I have done some research and playing with it and from what I can tell it is masked. if you unmask it, that makes a wired angle color bloch for each color. and when delete that it basicly delets the object.

I will attempt to download it so maybe someone else can shed a little light on the problem. I am going to print them on easyprint with my mutoh and heat press them to some shirts for a customer.

Any Help or direction would be apprciated. It is about to drive me crazy.


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I don't see the box when I open it in Illy CS3... can you post a screenshot of what you're seeing?


Know what you mean , try doing a cut line in Illustrator or Corel then rasterize the logo.

i can help you with this if you like


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Open it in photoshop, this will rasterize your image...save it as a .pdf. Now import/open it in flexi, under the Bitmap menu go Vectorize then Bezier and now you have something you can work with as far as contouring. I am using Flexi 7.6 v2 but am assuming 8.5 is very similiar. good luck.
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You can also crank your hue/saturation down while in photoshop to get a nearly solid black version of your image, in this case it should contour perfectly.


I opened the file in flexi and did not have any problems adding the contour cut line you have to make sure that the contour is set to contour not rectangle (in the dialogue box) this will add a contour line all the way around the design


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As others have said,

export your image from ai as tif,

import into flexi and then import this resizable

contour cut line that I made for you into flexi as well,

unmask it and resize it as needed over you bitmap.

If you want to use the file.

Hope it works out for you . . .


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When you import an eps or a pdf into Flexi you get one or more masked objects. I have no idea why but you do. If you want to diddle with any component you have to unmask that object. When you unmask one of these masked objects the first object in the list of objects is a rectangle, usually black. Delete this rectangle as it only existed to serve as a container for the remainder of the objects on the list.

If I cannot avoid importing an eps or a pdf, I routinely unmask everything and discard all of the gratuitous rectangles. Then and only then can I see exactly what I have to work with.