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Upgrade to Flexi Cloud?


New Member
Is there a real reason not to upgrade to Flexi Cloud?

Anybody happy with it and think it's worth it? ("It" being the hassle of upgrading, not the price of zero dollars)

Richard G

New Member
what version of Flexi are you on now. one of the reasons I upgraded is to stay away from the higher cost down the line to update later. I went from 8.6 to the cloud on 2 programs.


New Member
1907-1921 (service pack)

there was just an update so maybe their issues will be resolved with it. Right now, im happy with how it renders "some" artwork, but not happy with how they changed the opos marks for contour cutting.

they changed their website layout too which makes things very confusing.


New Member
10.5.1 i think its a free upgrade. if its free why not. nothing to lose. check other postings here i think it was mentioned by flexi


New Member
I am having some problems with the production manager,

1. It cannot print my files that use a repeating bitmap tile made into a pattern fill. I reported this when I first upgraded to 10 and they told me they new it was a problem.

2. Randomly after setting 1" indent for both x and y axis after hitting send to production manager it gets moved over so far that the print gets cut off then when I send the cut file to the summa the cut file is correct so once it finds the marks it cuts off.

3. The new opus marks are no longer at the same distance between, this causes a problem when doing large quantities and you run out of material or something else happens in the middle of the print. Before you could just adjust the quantity and send a new cut file saving some material. Now it seems to divide the total length of the print making the opus marks at different distances for different quantities.

4. The cloud interface seems to slow transfer between production manager and ripping seems much slower.

I tried it for 2 weeks now back to 8.6 and now alot files need to be converted back to open them.