Valuejet 462UF always "printing" varnish -- Any way to disable ink?


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Any idea on what could cause the varnish to always be printed on a 426UF? We have nothing in the RIP software on the varnish layer yet the 426uf always wants to print or leak out varnish. We had a tech come by who thinks it might be a bad print head -- so that's getting replaced after the holiday. Yay.

To get limping along we took an empty cartridge and replaced the chip card with one from a full catridge. This kind of works but the ink still gets "counted down" like the others and I suspect we'll need a new card one day. Is there a place to get cards for the varnish cartridge? Or is there a way to disable that ink completely? It's mildly infuriating that an ink we 100% don't use and will never use can take the printer offline when it runs out.