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Vinyl/Lam to withstand hospital-grade disinfectant

Jason Thomas

New Member
So I'm working on junking up the inside walls of a mobile vet vehicle with print/cut graphics. The surfaces are mostly smooth fiberglass, smooth laminated particleboard and glass. The client is requesting that the material that I use be able to withstand regular spraying with the ready-to-use liquid found here: https://rescuedisinfectants.com/product-info/#liquids
To me, it looks like it's mostly hydrogen peroxide. I was planning to use wrap cast IJ180 or similar with 2mil wrap laminate, or possibly step the adhesive up to a high-tack. I contacted Rescue for any insight, but they told me to contact my chosen vinyl manufacturer. I'm mostly just worried about the adhesive breaking down over time from the disinfectant working into the edges of the graphics. It's also very possible that they will want any glass cabinet doors to be covered with etched or frosted vinyl. Again, I'm worried about adhesive breaking down over time. Any recommendation on material or tips? Any way to effectively seal the edges of the print?


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The website doesn't have anything but the MSDS, and that only lists hydrogen peroxide, which I don't think is going to do anything to the sticker. But I could find no ingredient list. Usually there's going to be some sort of surfactant and some alcohol in a spray like that. But even those shouldn't hurt stickers unless they're unlaminated.