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I been looking for a good deal package too, i found alot on craigslist but there always far away so you got to be patient.

A versacamm sp for 6000 you got to be lucky to find on like that, there is one on ebay now the bidding is up to 5000 and it needs the heads replaced. I think the prices for sign equipment and resale values are doing better now , alot of people getting layed off and looking for busines idea or going back into the sign business (like me) .

Pat Whatley

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I would go with a Summa D60/U plotter over a Roland any day. We had nothing but headaches with the three Rolands we had, all of them have been replaced with Summas and the difference is night and day.

If your supplier is taking 10 days to get printing back to you then you need a new supplier. That's ridiculous. Try here... He's a member here and close enough to you that there won't be any long shipping delays with ground shipping.


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can we clarify something... do you want to be able to print full color images and then cut around them, or are you wanting to cut vinyl lettering and graphics and assemble them in more complex designs?

I ask, because it seems as though you looking in two different directions.

At first I was just looking for cut vinyl stickers...then I found the Canon printers. If I can get a 24" printer for around $2k I would do it.

As I mentioned before I am a graphic designer and get requests for stickers all the time and my supplier now takes about 10 days.

So I would use this printer for my clients and to make my own stickers for my online magazine.

Biker Scout

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Canon uses a pigment based "Aqueous Ink" and there is very little media that would be acceptable to a customer as a "Decal" (don't say sticker around here) because the media is generally uncoated, and lamination fails on those pretty badly. Also, if you ever wanted to print a banner, you're stuck with matte finish banner that scratches easily, even when you are rolling it up for the customer.

When shopping around for used or new printers, regardless if it prints & cuts, is a "Solvent Ink" printer. (Mild or Eco Solvent... whatever) Materials is only pennies per sq. in. as opposed to $1 or $2 per sq. ft. your cost.

Canon iPF anything is for photos on photo paper. Fine Art Paper or speciality coated canvas. Same goes for HP, and Epson. (There are slight exceptions to those last two, but you probably couldn't afford them as a starter machine)

Good solvent based starter machine brands are: Mutoh, Mimaki & Roland. Each have their own inherent strengths and weaknesses, as well as their own cult-like following on boards such as this one. All-in-one machines aren't necessarily the best choice, but can be a good compromise. Dollar per dollar wise, it's often better to get a faster printer, and a seperate vinyl plotter. That way if you ever get busy enough, you don't have a bottle neck in your shop during production. Also, you can do two seperate unrelated jobs simultaniously as well.


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Canon uses a pigment based "Aqueous Ink" and there is very little media that would be acceptable to a customer...

Thank you very much, finally a straight answer from someone. I am doing some more looks like I might just get a vinyl cutter.

Seems to be the most cost effective way to go at this point.


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I have an sp300 for sale that runs perfect. Im asking $7000. and ill crate it and ship it to the mainland U.S. for that. Some work it produced last week.

Bill DiStasio

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Is there a printer that can print vinyl stickers for around $500?
I was looking into a vinyl cutter like the Roland GX24, but if there is a printer that can print on vinyl and the ink is weather proof like bumper stickers I would rather go that route.

I saw printers like the Canon ipf500, but all the specs I saw just mentioned photo paper...

Silhouette or cricket should be able to handle that for less than 500