What is this material?


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Hi all, I'm super new to sign making. Was hired as a creative content manager for a ski resort and sign making is part of my job. I was trained in the basics of printing on vinyl and mounting to coroplast and was told that would pretty much be the extent of the job but it has turned into more. Basically I need to replace a large sign we have on the road and don't know what kind of substrate this is that was used. I might need to replace it and don't know where to look to get it. It looks like the last guy printed and laminated the vinyl and then mounted it to this material. The boards were then placed on the large sign frame we have. So my questions are what kind of material is this and what is the best way to mount to it? Or are there better options?

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I used to make signs up at Lake Louise and one thing for sure, make your signs bombproof! I would replace with that foam with minimum 6mm aluminum panel, or even solid aluminum if you want any lifespan. We used to deal with snowplows for our road signs, and they can punish almost any material.