Yet another strange PS artifact (Making Pattern)


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Hey all,

at work plugging away,
just cam across another strange problem,
I have been working this morning on a Diamond plate pattern,
I came up with a good solution, now I would like to make a pattern to use it as fill, well everythings going the right way I got my image finished turned it into a pattern , saved it, now I jump into my path to make a fill and here it fills beautifully, however under a closer look you can see the seams appearing in white lines everywhere where the pattern joins with each side of its own copy..... wth ???

WHat is happening with it??? why are there the white line in between the copies???


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oops , just figured it out , sorry for the unnecessary thread,
instead of cropping my image with a mask I'm supposed to use the crop tool instead !!!! hehe , a good lesson self taught....,
ADOBE Why would a mask crop leave a white trace !!!!!! ,
makes no sense ...,
but hey problem solved , happy now :rock-n-roll: