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You asked one time how to properly line up a print head in xc-540 after installing. Can you help me w what you found out? i have replaced 2 print heads and it's back to printing great color but not lined up right. i have done all the adjustments for the bi-directional but not the actual print head. I'm so far from a tech they charge $1000 just to show up.
I am 418 miles away in Paterson. NJ. We have an old Seal roll-to-roll that I would love to get rid of. There might be a few nicks in the rollers, but it never caused us any problems. It has heat and there are motor that move the rollers together and apart. If interested reach out to me and I will try to get a model number and pictures.
i want to post a for sale ad in your classifieds... so i purchased a premium subscription for one month, yesterday thru paypal. Got the receipt of payment to Eon Media, LLC. Have tried several times since, to post a ad. its not giving me the option... Can you help?
Anthony Garcia
we have a friend who was on the first peter norton antivirus team.
there was a bat s**t crazy engineer in vermont, i believe and he wrote the first antivirus for mac, before practically anything existed for pc
they went to vermont, found him and paid him to port his program to run on a pc
that is the truth of how peter norton (a real genius & way ahead of his time) WROTE the first norton antivirus
Retro Graphics
Retro Graphics
but the ones who start the company sadly are no longer the ones running the company. John McAfee was a mad man but he had years ago disavowed any dealings with his software company in terms of any role of leadership or anything. His relation to the software was in name and royalties only for a while now. My M-F 9-5 is CyberSecurity for a national medical company. Norton and McAfee are dinosaurs of the dat file era.
Retro Graphics
Retro Graphics
many of those old AVs are in that category
Hi there, do you have spare parts for Gerber Edge FX? I need the contol panel with the display and buttons. Please let me know if you have it.
Here is a YouTube video of printing a 4'x8' board in 1:30. Please contact me should you have any further interest

Thank You

Dave Philipps


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Hi I saw your post that you were now a reseller for the Qomolangma laminators. I have been looking at buying one off of eBay, as with any Chinese product I have some concerns but I will probably take a chance with them. Do you also help with after-sale service or do you send buyers to other people for that?
Max Q Labs
Hey! Sorry - just saw your message.

I had a nice big response typed out but then got a "420 character limit" when I tried to send it. Ha!

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