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So I paid for a membership a few days ago (6months) and I still can't post in the classified...? Can you help ?
Selling Large format thermal Summa printer, Mutoh 1204 eco solvent printer ( needs Maintance station), Gerber Edge 2 and 15”sprocket fed plotter. Will consider all reasonable offers. Need space for new equipment ordered. Not sure if you can pm here.
What model Summa and what are you asking?
Hey Pawel I am having the same scan motor issue you had, is it easy to replace or did you have to have a tech come and do it? what was the cost of the motor? thanks Keith
Please fix the search engine to allow for short words. For example, I'm searching for XC-540 disconnecting. This messages comes up - "The following words were not included in your search because they are too short, too long, or too common: xc, 540". This restriction makes it very difficult to search.
Need cheap window perf film to run test prints and train on installing. Latex compatible. Briteline is a little expensive for testing.