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Hey Joe
would you be so kind as to check my reply out and let me know if i have managed to find a bad transistor?
i dont know what i`m doing i`m just winging it :)

thank you in advance
I service Florida and surrounding. I offer yearly support to cover printers and flatbed cutters. My name is Jim.
Do you have any interest in doing some graphic design work business to business? If so, send me your email address so we can discuss further please.
Thanks Richard
Stacey K
Stacey K
Hi Richard, probably not...I really hate doing the design stuff, I actually try and hire that part out also LOL
No problem thanks
Tomi G
Tomi G
what type of work are you needing you can PM me if you are still interested, I have been designing for over 45 yrs
Hello RabidOne....well, when we're busy, we farm out some work, so if you want to send me more info on your operation, we can chat?
always looking for a good turnaround on project signs and things, or a qualified installer to help with the workload, cabinet wraps, etc. attn: Perry
I am at Signcraft. If you have been in Kelowna for a while you know who that is!
We do channel lettering, fabrication, have a couple of electricians on staff, ladder trucks, print flatbed and roll to roll, car wraps, designers. Most of the sign world.
ahhhhh, ok..Yep, I apprenticed under Dave Thomas and Jim Scott in about 1987....Troy was just knee-high to a Kuwahara BMX bike!
I do send the odd job your way, but of course, everyone is busy at the same time! :) have a nice hot week!
Gerald hi!
I'm just curious, what kind of ink do u use? Is it fluid color or HandTop OEM branded inks? We are HT dealer in an Eastern Europe country so pretty familiar with their equipment ... For sure we have something to offer to you, but I'm trying to figure out what kind of ink do you use and price you are paying for it.
Hi there,

I'm wonder how did you manage to change white color to transparent. I have the same Mimaki UCJV300-107 with CMYK+CMYK colors setup, but I want to convert it to CMYK+Lc LM Cl Wh. Can't find a proper manual how to flush a second head and replace ink's I want.

Kind regards,

Hi CJ, I have not done this process. From what I've heard it's a length and rocky procedure. I asked our tech about it and he basically told me if I want to try, get the solvent to flush out the lines and head, then proceed to replace the lines and flush again and then fill with the clear. You run the risk of damaging the head flushing so much fluid thru it. So I decided not to do it.
Hi Johnwon, you still out there? I was reading a thread from 2019 sating you were using Estimate. Here too but can't load it on new PC's, license no longer works

Dan Purcell
Purcell Printing
Hi Sir, is posible you can unlock smartcards on 1324 and 1628 models?
We have several machines to unlock
I am interested on a plotter over 60 inches. Do you have any available and if you do what is the price. Thanks,
Yes. We have a Graphtec 8600-160.

Give me a call.


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Hi Neo, Do you know where I can find the firmware for the VJ-1204? I am in need of this as well.