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  • Hi there,

    How do you like the stratojet shark machine? We have an Oce 460 GT in my shop, works great but I have a buddy looking to open up a smaller shop and doesn't have the budget for the machine I have. I saw the Stratojet at the NBM show last year and was impressed with the quality but I am looking for some, "real world" experience from people who own it.
    Any insight you can provide would be awesome!

    Yes I like it a lot. I am more of a CNC router guy than a print shop. But I do have the printer. It's nice, the learning curve for me was pretty high, but I was learning AI, PS, and this printer at the same time. You need to keep feeding it work. It will perform better the more you print.
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    Thanks for the input. Sounds the same for these UV machines. They don't like to sit but as long as the maintenance is done then they work well.
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