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  • I'm looking to out source some banner work and wanted to see what you would charge me. We do our own banners but I have a 54" Versacamm so I'm limited on size. I am looking at about 6-7 separate banners that are going to go on some sort of fence at a softball field. The banners will not be in the wind, there down in a dugaout, so i'm thinking 13 oz non-mesh material. It will need to be printed on both sides, hemmed and grommeted. Would you be able to give me a square foot price or do you need to know exact measurements? While I could probably print some of them myself, I would rather do them all with one person so the colors don't look different. Please let me know if you are iinterested.

    Rich Fanning
    Design 3 Graphics
    Spring, Texas
    Please email me chris@azprosigns.com for pricing info, as I don't get notified if you post a message here. Thank you!
    chris I need a quote on printed 18'square designs Glen(optima) told me to contact U these designs will be indoor signs mounted to coro Just printed I'll do mounting once I get them they will be one at a time for now I think I got 4 cadmn@hotmail.com
    I need quote for 100 pieces 3x8 banners with "Shave The Children" on all faces. I am located in California but will have you sheep them to my associate in ghanna-rhia. Please to provide with quote for best fast sheeping and kindest quality.

    most bestest regards...

    Reverend Doug
    Do you know a contact locally that I can get to do small runs of T's? (usaully 12-24) My gal is just flaking out on me and I have clients wanting estimates and I can't even get her to call me back....Thanx,,,Mykel
    Hi Chris, I have been messaging with Fred Weiss about a camo printed vinyl I may need for a customer. His Gerber edge set up sounds limited to size and he tells me the cost is much higher then cast. ( I hope I'm saying that correctly). Anyway, he recommended I connecting with a merchant for a quote on this application. If you are able to do that, here is need. I have a customer with a Nissan Titan pickup looking to have camo pattern vinyl along the bottom side of the truck. This turns out to be approx 10" wide and < 15' long. I can send you a the black,white and gray camo pattern he likes. Please let me know if you would be able to do this and at what cost?
    Thank you, Rick
    Hi Chris, we have a client that needs a 6'x48' mesh banner printed in a red/white/blue scheme and was wondering if you could give me a quote. (shipping to Walterboro, SC)
    Hi Chris,
    I am moving to AZ in July and taking my mural business with me. I need to find a printer that will print wholesale contour cut graphics and murals for me in Arizona. We have an existing line of really cool rub-on transfer murals BUT we need to add LOTS of murals to our line in a "Movable Mural" type product. The repositionable removable murals will be what we will be concentrating on. We have 4 "Movable Mural" designs so far that we have been printing on phototex, but we will be adding to that and we want to add vinyl solid graphics (removable) to our line and perhaps vinyl quotes (custom). We would obviously be a repeat customer :). We currently sell our murals on our company website, Amazon, Etsy and Bonanzle and though we do not have a huge volume YET we have big plans! I hope you are interested...we need a good price as we get things going.
    Perhaps we can get a conversation started about this and I will give you a link to our website so you can see what we have going on and get an idea what we need so we can get a quote?
    email: mural2jour@gmail.com
    Hey Buddy! Hows it goin Hope all is goin great. Got a question for ya. Would you be interested in a Roland SJ645? great price? Let me know or would you know anyone that would be interested? Thanks again!
    Hey, what would you charge to print a 4'x8' banner? This is for a baseball team. My customer wants pictures of the players heads on the top 3' with sponsors on the bottom 1'. I can do the hem and grommets.
    Hey, my name is jimmy, i am looking to get a little experience with wrapping, and wanted to get a price for design/print/laminate on 3m cv2 for a 1991 mitz. mighty max pickup. If this is something you can price i would appreciate it, thanks, jimmy
    Would like you to quote 1800 pieces (9 photos at 200 each) that should be printed onto white 3mm PVC. Each are slightly different sizes, but averages to 4 sq.ft each.. Customer is getting us more detailed information and this is all we have right now but we only have one flatbed and are really busy and do not want to turn down the business because it's an important client. I don't mind you quoting slightly higher not know the exact sizes, I just need to know what ballpark youre in so that I know whether to even turn your name in for consideration to my boss. Thanks.
    Hey Chris,
    Do you print on mesh banner? Can I request for a quote on (2) 63.25" x 53.5" and (2) 63.25" x 32.25" and shipping also to Allen, TX 75002. Thanks a lot man!
    Hey Chris,
    I got a price check for you. Hit me up and I will send you the info...
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