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  • I saw in one of the thread that you refurbished Hp9000s. I have a HP 9000s in Karachi. The machine was shut for more than a year. I have changed all the tubes and last month the machine started printing. At that time the only issue was blocked printheads. It was printing 4 colors and 2 were blocked. But now I am facing two problems. First when turn on the machine, it starts normally without any error. When give the IQ Print command. the head start printing the black but on the way it stops and I get error 1190. The i shut it down, it shuts normally but whenever i start again it does the same thing again and after three four tries the machine gives me EE04000 error at boot. Also one thing more that now it is not doing the normal and strong cleaning when i gives the command, it just processes the command but nothing happens. I have checked the carriage and printheads cable, they seem to be fine. I am totally stuck and doesn't know what to do. any idea what should i do. Thanks.
    You got a Roland Dealership right? If so I need a quote one the Eco Sol Max Inks 440ML, this is what I need:

    Cyan (total of 15)
    Magenta (total of 41)
    Yellow (total of 121)
    Black (total of 27)
    Light Cyan (total of 67)
    Light Magenta (total of 108)
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