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  • How old is the FB 500 you bought? I am about to pick up a 2013 FB500 with 145,00sf printed for $20,000 and about $6,000 transit cost. Do you use a UPS power back up? that is another $1,500. I am wondering if that is necessary.
    Hi Dale,

    I saw some of your posts dealing with the L25500, also saw you do some signs and vinyls. I work with LexJet, a wide-format distributor for all kinds of applications including signs, vinyls, inks, etc. If you're interested, I'd like the chance to talk a bit about your production and see if I can be a resource.

    Here is my email - tyler.schroer@lexjet.com

    Dale, thanks for your reply about the pop up banner. We haven't decided what we are going to do yet.
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