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Dan Antonelli
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  • Dan, Saw you were online. Admired your work often when living in Nazareth, PA
    Have ventured into vinyl and just applied type to a smooth painted birch plywood small sign. After vinyl is in place how long shouls letters "set" before install. Are there any steps I've missed after burnishing down and removing carrier paper?
    Plenty of how to apply videos online but they stop after vinyl is on substrate.
    Thanks, Lynn

    I am interested in purchasing one of your fonts, (Banner Priz) which I found on signdna.com However, I am unable to register and since I found a few pages on the site which were also down, thought I would check with you about where I can purchase it (while also making you the most money)!

    Steve Johnson
    Hi Dan,
    I took a web design class with you a few years ago in AC. It was really helpful, but I still haven't go my site done yet! Wanted to tell you we produced and installed the FireFighterOne lettering on their fleet with your logo design. Was an excellent design you created. We're a custom shop in Roxbury/Kenvil, NJ with 18 years in. Please keep us in mind if you need anything... Thanks!
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