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  • Hi, I just saw your two-year-old listing for a couple of SpeedPress frames. Are they still available?
    I would love to- we stay at the Sommersett Suites by Scripps Mercy Hosp but I always rent a car and we roam over the whole area. Where are you located? I am
    semi familiar with the area- been coming to SD since my daughter (my partner) was 13- and she is 42 now. My email is gene@abcsignshop.com
    Do a search- this has been covered many times- I think it is usually the pad on the
    capping station swelling up enough to touch the head when parked and wicking the
    ink out. Gene
    hi gene im a new member i've problem with my sp 540v it keep on leaking out the ink at night can u help me with that
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