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  • Hello Dear Brother I have Xerox 8264r printer ,everything was fine until i did the cleaning cycle which was fine but ended with empty cartridge so i bought new one cartridge as usually do from the same supplier but after inserting the new cartridge the printer does not recognize it
    so any suggestions to fix this
    and is it possible to prevent that in the future by converting it to Mutoh. Any help would be appreciated

    You do realise the printer should NEVER be turned off (On?Off Button on front panel)?
    When closing down at night it should be put to sleep not turned off.
    Do not worry I only found this out last year.
    If you knock it off with the cards in it will require restting when you switch back on.

    If you switch the machine off none of the cleaning cycles will take place.

    Hi Heyskull
    We have been trying things out and have discovered that if we start a print then take the cards out we can print all day we just obviously have to manually watch the ink levels.
    When switching the machine off the procedure is leave the cards out and do NOT put them back in until the machine is switched on again, if you put the the cards back in and then switch the machine on it will remember how much was used and change the cards, but if you switch on then put the cards in it will not change the cards.
    Hope I have explained that well enough, just happy to share it with you.
    Have now done the card reset twice once on our 1604 and once on our 1204 and it worked both times.
    the sun chemical inks are the best we have used in our opinion best colours best coverage and goes further and we pay £75 a litre for it though the boss is negotiating for a better deal.
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