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  • Hi Ian, i know you have been asked 33 time, but would it be possible to send me the operating manual for the Roland Camm1 PNC 1000a please shial@equiquip.co.za thank you so much.
    Will you send me a copy of the PNC-1000 Service manual. I would also be interested in any other information you have about this device. 2tall4@gmail.com

    Hi Ian,

    If you would please send me a copy of the service manual I would be most appreciative. And good find by the way!

    Thank You!
    Gidday Ian, It seems you are a very popular person on this thread for people asking you for the Manual/Service books for the PNC-1000 Is it possible to join the group and ask you to send me the Manual/Service books, I have the PNC-1000A which I got from a retired sign writer less the books which were lost over the years. Appreciate this very much With many thanks Colin colinhalliday@hotmail.com
    Wow, are you calling from the Rockford, IL area!??? just stumbled across this post! Yeah, Ian if you call that guy you better call me...just kidding. I'll get on skype soon, miss ya, Deb
    Hello Jim,
    sorry I cannot help you. I cannot telephone USA from Australia. The phone call would cost more than a computer costs.
    I have NO IDEA what you are doing wrong, assuming the computer works properly.
    Regards, ian
    i have a roland pnc 1000 i am using xp i cant find or cut nothing i want windows set up and coral setup for my cutter
    815 953 2510
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