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  1. Font please....

    yikes, nice letters bleeding on tissue paper. at first glance, looked like techno but the bleeding effect lost me. barry
  2. Heat Press Deal....$365 New!

    Organize the buy and I'll purchase a 15 x 15 as a customer of distributorship / group. Attached is pic of the Stahl MP15 - $630 from and 78 lbs shipping. See any resemblance? :rolleyes: 15 x 15 at is $815.00
  3. New to the Decal World!

    Welcome. Fas-ci-nat-ing, Jim. (hehehe) My pointy ears are tingling. Live long and prosper. Barry spellcheck. use it. love it. impress your friends. :Big Laugh also: I always create an extra window (CTRL-N) and leave open, so I can toggle...
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    Comment by 'idsign' in media 'gone fishin 2'

    As the famous ?????? general said. I saw, I conquered, I came...wait I came, I saw, I conquered... Well, I saw your work. You conquered! You will just have to save that last part for later. Awesome. Barry
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    Comment by 'idsign' in media 'Ladder13'

    Awesome! I ran into a sign painter who routinely started his paintings by painting the canvas TOTALLY BLACK. Then the color is added. Sounds natural to me. Without light, there is no color so adding color on top of black is almost the same as adding light. The total black background makes...
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    Comment by 'idsign' in media 'Rhino'

    I'd give it a 20 if allowed! (from Spinal Tap) 'Well this one is better. It goes to 11!' Barry
  7. Greetings from Puerto Rico

    Buenos Dias, Luis. :Welcome: Thanks for joining in. :wine-smi: Send me some Ronrico, preferably the Caribbean 80º high octane gold stuff. I will e-mail you my shipping address. :Big Laugh Barry
  8. How's Business?

    I expect my net income to increase 2x or 3x, add some help and reduce my hours! My gross may not even double. Possible? Not only possible, finding each day that is easier to do. How so? By becoming more efficient, going more in depth with my accounts, selling them new products...
  9. Scanners

    Thought this would pop-up as a new post in the scanner thread...FYI Looking for a slim mid-range scanner? Staples, $50.00 FREE? Delivery? On sale this week. Barry
  10. scanner recommendations needed

    Thought this would pop-up as a new post in the scanner thread...FYI Looking for a slim mid-range scanner? Staples, $50.00 FREE? Delivery? On sale this week. Barry
  11. what fonts have the whips and tails??

    Yup, Those d@mn agency art directors get paid the big bucks for their...swashes. Like I said, leech off them. Make them feel important and take their knowledge for free. Makes for a satisfying day. :tongue: If you really want to have a laugh, get to know an architect who thinks they...
  12. Question about Photoshop

    (technical point) The later versions of CorelDraw do not import .eps but actually open them emulating Adobe products. That figures since Corel has always wanted to be an Adobe product. When I 'try' to import .eps into Corel 11, it is a rectangle without an image. Barry
  13. what fonts have the whips and tails??

    Lookee, Lookee, I learned something in university. I think your 'whips and tails' are know as... swashes. A character that has an inordinately long 'finish' that is called a swash. Correct me if I am wrong. A definitive list of fonts...
  14. Question about Photoshop

    I am novice when in comes to Photoshop. I guess if it ultimately outputs bitmaps and vector graphics then it is design software. I still prefer to design from a blank frame in Corel and VMP. I am trying to get down and dirty with Flexi in anticipation of an eco-sol printer. When that day...
  15. Here's a tough one!!

    High O! You beat me to it. I just got an order in with customer art - there it was...Ruach. Faster than Fred? I think Fred was just a little busy last night, Barry