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Here's a tough one!!

Dave Drane

New Member
Can anyone please give me a name for this one?? Sorry about the scan but they gave it to me as a printers aluminum block (in reverse) so I had to paint it and push it on to a bit of paper. Any help would sure be appreciated.


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my version of ruach let has much more details but it looks close

Dave Drane

New Member
Yeah, I have been looking around and it is very rough. I trhink the printer may have taken a lot of holes out of it. Thanks again High Octane, you were even faster than fred normally is.


New Member
High O!

You beat me to it. I just got an order in with customer art - there it was...Ruach.

Faster than Fred? I think Fred was just a little busy last night,


Fred Weiss

Merchant Member
I verified the accuracy of the ID and saw no reason to chime in. And yes I was busy .... somehow a visiting child or grandchild managed to delete every bookmark saved in my Firefox browser.