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Dave Drane
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  • you will be missed by so many all over this world. so glad that thru the magic of the internet that I got the chance to know you.
    R.I.P. Dave you will be greatly missed!

    My thoughts and prayer go out to Liddy and the rest of your family.
    Hi dave
    i was wanting to say hello and how are you
    and thank you for sharing your knowledge and expertise on this forum, and i was hoping to pick your brain about the signmaking industry, i am an absolute babe in the woods and dont want to upset any other signmakers out there, i am in rural nsw west of sydney and was wanting to know what are good suppliers and products, i am trying to start out small and not upset the cart, there is no one in this town doing the signage and i was wanting to keep the money local, not take from anyone else, it is also another string to my bow in a small town to be able to help them, any hints and tips would be greatly appreciated
    hey dave
    could you please either pass me AusAndy details or let him know mine so i can ask him some questions, thanks
    Signgal, I sure did see the pic. I just hope those koalas don't start fight'n. Ya know some people call them koala bears? They are not bears, they are marsupials.
    Hey, mister! Did you see the koala pic I posted on the Fri night ISA meetup thread?
    Dave are you okay?
    I just took care of a customer named Dave Drane here in my hometown!!! I thought maybe it was an omen to reach you tonight. I see you're online, sorry I've been so busy, but think about you often. Deb
    Heya old boy! I forget to check in here!!! Yuppers, still doing signs, closed the shopfront and am doing it from home now...Much less stressful!! Mind you its the weekend and there are 3 trucks in my driveway waiting to be done.....lord knows what the neighbours think but they can all go jump!!! LOL Sorry to see things slowed up, it's been bad over this way in all sectors. I hope since then it's picked up for you. How're you and Liddy going otherwise? I'm hoping to do a nice holiday by end of 09 over that way, possibly a road trip, not too sure yet, will lyk either either :) Take care will ttys :) xS
    Hey thank you......you know I drink a Fosters every once in a while....... :)
    Hi Dave, I totally forgot it's winter for you down there! it's rainy and nasty here as it has been for the past two weeks. so much for summer!
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