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  • Marlene, I had a message from you but not sure what it is, thanks for request, if it is about friends, I accept; (may be an old post?)
    Marlene you doing ok? Haven't seen you on board very much. Wanna make sure you're feeling well!
    Marlene, I will be at Modern Neon in Plattsburgh the first week in August. Phone numbers are the same. Got anything neon or otherwise going, give me a call, peace, Don
    Marlene, I hope to be in Plattsburgh next monday at Modern Neon . My cell is 336-755-9879. The number at Modern is 518-563-5500. Hope to hear from you. Don
    Hey, it's okay...sorry I didn't get back with you sooner. I've been a printing maniac learning all this stuff. Things are going well here in the midwest for us. We officially started on January 1st, but our website isn't up yet, UGH! We've got some local clients we are working on, in fact, I'm printing for a retractable banner stand as I type. Hope all is well, and I'll hear from you soon.
    Star Trek, ok, but Cats??? Just kidding. I have six currently, an imperious Siamese princess, a big orange menace, a blue-eyed fluffball and the Three Stripes. Add two dogs and you can picture my daily mayhem---mal
    that's the thing with a family. you can mess up, get banned and be forgiven and then welcomed back. so welcome back to the signs101 family!
    thank you, it's much better not having to be the admin!

    can you believe i got back in???


    i kinda did it as a gag, thinking big dawg would see it first, to my surprise fred saw it first and let me in!
    I don't know what made me experiment with "deleting contacts" from the friends page and thinking it wouldn't effect the "friends" status... and then to experiment with 2 dozen people at once, instead of trying out one or two first. :rolleyes:
    Guess it was one of those days! :doh:
    Hi Marlene!
    Thanks for adding me as a friend. Thank you also for that thoughtful post, I'm sure you've gotten folks 'athinken. My involvement with ferals and strays started when I became friends with a nieghbor who co-founded the Save a Sato org. in PR and...well..I just got sucked in. ;-) It's an honor to be able to contribute to the greater good.
    How the heck do I post an image. Actually I need a font id-I can't even find that...I'm so numb. Thanks!!
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