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  • Hi, i saw your thread on chalkboard paint and vinyl from a while back, what was the result? I'm working with a client on a similar application. Thanks!!
    Hey Doug! Good to see your name again! Outside of my own programming computer I know next to nothing about any of our equipment. I wold nbe extremely greatful if Lat could talk to you.
    I'm in year 4 of retirement now but I'm still at the studio every day at 4:am. I can't seem to stay away. As long as the kids need me I'll stick with it. Email your phone number to me. I want to call you too after Lat does.

    Hello Isign! Yes Id like the possibility of working with you on projects. I come over to help my brother there sometimes. Offshore tinting. His name is Paul Jones and Im Sean Jones. Let us know if a project comes up. Today, we just set up our new Brother gt541 garment printer. Im a glutton for equipment. If you need shirt runs, give me a holler.
    HI Doug,
    just a quick note to let you know I posted a pic & some basic routing steps/instructions that may interest you, in the Portfolio section of Letterville last week.
    It's about a carpenter's tool chest I made, plus cnc routed attachments including a home-designed clamshell handle.

    Best wishes,

    P.S. I'm not looking for accolades, I just thought the process via Enroute might be of interest to you.
    Yo! Dooglass! Seems like we're geting old together. Nearly 12.000 posts! Really glad to see you still around.
    Yo Doug.... How do I delete a duplicate post.... I found a better place to my post and then couldn't figure out how to delete the other...thanks man.
    Hello Doug...just wanted to say HI....well, also wanted your opinion about a small shop getting into heat transfer..shirts, hats, hoodies etc. I do have a client(or 2) that I could provide t shirt to.
    Not that I REALLY want to do this...I preferr the embroidery stuff my self.
    Thanks for considering this.
    BTW...hows the 3D engraving going?
    Hi Doug,
    Just read your article in Signs of the Times today, very good, and quite a story!
    Hey Doug, Just saw your article on page 50 of Signs of the Times -- knew the Latitudes signs right away =) Nice Job
    Hi Doug - Just wanted to say thanks for your kind words and encouragement, and let you know I finally got a cheque for "The Log".....Tom
    Hi Doug..congrats on your election to President of the S101 board.
    I always wonder how our people could make such a commitment of their time..
    Anyway, THANKS- for stepping up..as I said before..Yours were always the quality posts that I enjoy reading.
    Hey Doug, Just wanted to stop by and see how you were doin
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