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  • Hey Gypsy! Glad you and I are friends now, what fun! I have enjoyed your presence on signs101, great place to get help and just yak with the like minded. A whole world of our own!
    Viewed your presentations and very impressed with them. Although we are using Cyrious, I am inspired with few features that you showed and are not available with Cyrious. Would like to learn how FM manages work flows with several employees. (work orders?).

    Please forward your database to ays@instant-signs.com

    Again, thanks a bunch for willing to share your (you and hubby's) hardwork!

    I remember you had posted about some coroplast cutters you had purchased and I can't seem to find it or what to search for. It was like the Javelin and I had been interested in purchasing it so I wanted to pull up your thread. Any help?


    *edit: nvm... Found it! Thanks again.
    hey gg, how's it going?
    Did you ever take Jon Aston up on that marketing consultation after your web woes thread?
    I was wondering how that went?
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