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  • well... yes and no... I don't remember if you were here when signs101 explored the possibility of moving in the direction of a member owned forum, but I helped out on a committee to write bylaws & election procedures for a Board of Directors, so self governing could be enacted first, with the possible member ownership to follow..

    Anyway, Bigdawg had previously knighted me with title "Word Warrior" quite some time prior to my being encouraged to run for President in the first and only foray into self government. here at Signs101

    Myself, 2 other officers & 6 "Regional representatives" had our titles changed to reflect our Board of Directors responsibilities, and then when we found the logistics of group decision making to be laborious & generally disfunctional... the idea was shelved & titles went back to things like "Premium Member"

    One day, not too long ago, I remembered my knighthood & asked for that title to be reinstated...
    That's the first sonogram of my daughter's baby.
    My baby maker has long since been removed thank goodness!
    We had another scan on Saturday, she's having a boy.
    I want to get you in touch with my wife. She and I run Bayview Signworks in South Portland, Maine. I should say she runs it, I was let go from my previous ad agency job about a year ago and have been at her beck and call since. Looks like you're about the same age too (she's 41).
    wow just got the message and was sure glad to meet you and everyone else also I'm sure glad you got the ball rolling for the meet thanks again
    You are cute!
    (and I am not wearing a flannel shirt or khakis)
    Your profile is far more easy on the eyes than Gino's.
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