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  • Barry,

    I read your post about your f'ed up customer (watch boy) and I replied. As far as the idiots that gave you negative comments...f' them.

    Hi, just read your reply to my post on your question. Our retractables sell for about $500, but I think you can provide a lot better product than scrim banner for $200. If you have an aqueous ink printer and laminator I think a polyproplyne media with PSA lam would be a great product for the price. Can print it for about a $1.50 per square foot, or about $45 plus the stand. We use a real nice stand that costs us about $45 and comes with carry case. If you need help printing them let me know. Jim
    Hi Barry,

    We have a 50" Laminator Tool.
    It is $86 + 29.50 shipping

    I can either send you an invoice through PayPal of you can send it to signsbydale@hotmail.com.

    In order to send an invoice, I need an email address.

    Dale Robinson
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