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The Big Squeegee
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  • Hi do you have any discount codes? I am going to buy an aluminum 52" (I think I need for 4x8 coroplast) and a 26" Yard sale tool
    Hi Dale
    Just got my big squeegee cradle tool and I loved it from the first use! Works easier, faster and smoother than anything I've ever tried. This is definitely the tool I was missing from my arsenal. Thanks!!
    Hi Dale that spitter thing looks neat. can I get some info and pricing. I love the BS by the way.

    can I make a video for trade for a splitter?


    ps I have the cradle tool.
    Hi Dale, remember me? I posted such long winded praise after receiving the Big Squeegee Cradle, that people thought I was a plant or your mom. Just wanted to say hi and tell you I'm still crazy in love with my Big Squeegee. (see it in my avatar)
    Hey Dale I want to ask you a question about manual laminating. Would it be alright if I call you?
    Hi Dale,

    Do you have a 53" big squeegee or a 48"? I want it for doing digital laydowns and laminating. If so how much would it be to also have it shipped up here to Canada

    Let me know



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