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  • Artbot, Hi I have a Mutoh 1614 that I need to unlock. I know you posted (Gennadii Sereda,, $300) I tried emailing but no answer do you have any other contact for the unlock. Also, I am in Brownsville, TX, and need a Mutoh tech for a printhead, cable install do you know anyone that services this area?
    Hey, who did your unlock on your printer if I may ask? I have a Mutoh 1304 that I am having issues with and need help ASAP. Thanks
    Hey there, did you ever find this unlock info out? We have a Mutoh 1324 and having major ink chip reader issues. Thanks in advance!
    I have a mimaki CG 130 FX plotter, and need a service manual and/or a parts diagram. Can you help me? I am not that familiar with the messaging system on the forum, but you can email me at

    my website
    Dear artbot,
    I hope you can help me,
    We had a clogged printhead on our Mimaki jfx1631 (it's a CE4 Toshiba head).
    I've tried some NMP flush, the NMP touched the outside of the other heads nozzles and stayed over the night, now all our heads clogged (20% of clogging) :( :( :(.

    Can you advise?
    I thought of acetone flush, but decided to ask you first.

    all head cleaning solutions need to dry very slowly.
    I've used NMP straight, not mixing. It does not dry fast. But any left over ink will gunk up. It's best to flush which pushes the ink outward.
    If you ink is compatible with Acetone/BC then yes. That would be good to do a final clean.
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    Have you done a wet soak? Putting cleaning solution in a pan and lowering the heads into the pan so that gravity pulls the ink down and away?
    I've tried it on one of the head, no help.
    Anyhow, all the heads are traveling to our color supllier now, in hope he knows better and will open them up for us.
    Thank you for your knowledge, its hard to find intellegence like yours that willing to help.
    please i need a file to bypass my Mutoh VJ1614 ink reading.Can you help me i know that im paying for the services.Thanks
    I used Gennadii Sereda,, $300.
    Hi Artbot
    Sorry to disturb you, but it seems that you're experienced enough with Mimaki machines.
    I have a CJV30-160 machine and had a probleb with the usb port.
    So i replaced with a new jv33 mainboard.
    Machine as it starts it shows JV33 on display. Tried to upload CJV30 firmwar but machine drops an error 74.
    Do you have any idea how to convert the jv33 mainboard to CJV30 mainboard?
    Hi Artbot, while time ago you have service manual mimaki CG-130FX. Appreciate if you can email me those service manual as I a, in the middle of refurbishing the cutter. Thanks
    My email is:
    Hi there. I have a problem with a roland fj52 and i thought you might wanna help. Can i get your email if you are willing to help?
    Hi there. I have a problem with a roland fj52 and i thought you might wanna help. Can i get your email if you are willing to help?
    Hey can you email me the JV3-160SP service manual please my address is
    can you halp me?
    hi I have this problem can you help me?

    Mimaki jv3 160sp Ink chips trouble this post

    you mentioned you have a copy of the JF-1631 tech manual. Do you still have a copy. you can write me at
    Hi Artbot

    Where I can find butyl carbitol? I live in Venezuela but could get it shipped first to Miami, FL
    Another question? If a I plan to leave for a week or two on vacation, can I flush the printhead, then pump gently air and wrap it with plastic?
    How can I close damper bottoms? plastic foil as well? I don't want to flush/purge the entire system since it would be a total ink waste. Here the
    sublimation inks are highly expensive.

    Thanks for your reply

    Federico Guinand
    Hi Artbot,

    Sorry to bother you with this but do you know anyone who is looking for a JV33 54" 2007 year model very little use and has a brand new head on it, replaced by qualified Mimaki tech in 2012 April?

    It comes with CG-FXII 54" 2007 year model, Captivair Max AIR PURIFIER
    Onyx 11 Production House
    Dell Computer where ONYX is installed on it.

    All for $17,000.00

    I can be contacted at 615-781-9100


    Hello Artbot,

    you seem to be the "go to" guy when it comes to service manuals. Do you happen to have a datasheet for Epson DX5 printhead that shows its pinouts?

    I have a cloned JV33 (chinese printer) that uses DX5 head. I replaced the head w/ a new DX5 head (Coded) and use a crack card to eliminate the unwanted line at 40/80cm. my problem is that only the left side of the head fires ink, the right side does not.

    I know that the head is not defective, I need reference so I can repair my controller board.


    [h=2] Hi everyone! Mimaki JV3 160 S problem! Help needed.[/h]Hi there from Romania!
    Tryin' to bring back to the life my old mimaki JV3 160S, after logical changeings: print heads... dumpers...
    booting the printer on MAINTENANCE MODE... it goes directly on LOCAL... without passing through SELECT MEDIA (ROLL or LEAF)... and than... on display of LOCAL... without indicate the WIDTH line text.
    Goin' on... i have not the possibility to run any kind of test draw... or adjusting operations!

    Please... i need your help!
    All the best!
    Artbot You seem to be the expert on homebrew Butyl Carbatol and acetone. It appears to make it stronger you ad more acetone, so is there a danger to using straight acetone? Thanks
    hello artbot, I am a painter artist who has been working in Special events for many year, also I do Graphic Design, Vinyl Signs, and prepare some file for Digital print. I have a old Encad Novajet 850 (I hate it) and Cheap Chinese Vinyl Cutter, I am trying to buy a new Wide format printer (low budget $7000). I been reading your post and I thinking in get the Wit-color 9000 Ultra, do you still thinking that is a good option, or do you have better advice for ma budget. I been looking used printer on e bay, but I ready found many fake offers plus I am a little scare to buy something used than do not work.

    Thank you very much if you can answer, if not I still respecting your posting, are very illustrative.


    PS Please excuse my English, I am Spanish Speaker.
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