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  • Jillbeans I need your help. There was a guy on Signs 101 that used to sell Fonts in bundles. He even did one and named it after you. Can you give me the name of his site. I really would like to buy from him. Thanks In advance.
    It would seem you are the "people's choice" for logo design. As, you might have, saw on the board I'm wanting a logo for a new venture that I'm launching. How do you prefer to go about starting a logo? What do you need / want from me? Need a retainer payment? Just not sure how this works, I'm used to people coming to me for stuff like this. It's just really hard to be objective on my own stuff, I would be throwing stuff away for months lol.

    did you have that grandbaby??! I see the picture in your profile! OMG! i haven't been on this site as much and have missed sooooo much! CONGRATULATIONS!!!
    Hope you like it. Felt bad for not getting to stop in.
    It was my wife's idea to send you something. Will definitely try and get over there next time I am that way.
    Merry Christmas to you too.
    I love the old black and white's you've used in your avatars but i really like seeing your smiling face with your posts! This new one is my favorite... you're so cute!
    came in to check out your latests posts and found that pic up there... may I just say WTF?!
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