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  • I have a sister in law who lives in Westfiled....what a beautiful area.
    If I can ever assist you in anything, let me know.
    We offer CNC, Sandblasting, V-Groove, Monuments and such, all done in house.
    If I need what you offer, I'll give you a call. Thanx for the hook up
    I'm good Sarah, how are you? I'm in NJ, right over the bridge from Philadelphia.
    Hello and I am going to ask a question.
    Do any of you know about LED strands that can be submerged underwater?
    Just visited signportfolio site. Nice and clean stuff. I don't CNC in house and was wondering how you mount your cut text to the substrate. Foam tape, silicone, or what?
    I may use you for cut stuff...I would just mount my own elements. I've got the brushed metal and offsets etc. Thanks.
    At Sign Design and Fabrication we pride ourselves as being a reliable source for your outsourcing needs. We have developed a new way of ordering via a website that you can customize with your logo and portfolio so if a customer was over your shoulder it looks as if its coming straight from you. The best thing about it is that its free for members of :signs101:!

    you can sign up and send your logos at

    We welcome the opportunity to submit a proposal on your next project.
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