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  • I am so tardy it's not funny....I'm the worst at keeping up. It's an honest reflection of my activities out in the world....that is, I'm BARELY in the sign biz any more personally. I only do it enough to support my art and music habit. ;) LOL However, I do miss our banter and helps. Hope all is well in your world Kiddo! ~Gear
    Nope. Just drink and that's coming to an end on Monday. So, I'll be posting even more........ Hahahahahahahaaaaaaaa.................
    C'mon up............

    According to which way you go, you'll probably be about 20 minutes south of me using the turnpike. If you'd get off at the Morgantown exit, we're about 20 minutes or so up the road.
    Hi Steph.
    Yup Liam is now 10 weeks old, just had his first shots yesterday. He's a lot of fun.
    Hey Kiddo,
    Thanks for inquiring of my whereabouts. Yeah, I've been mostly silent in the sign industry end of things of my life in the last year or so. Been a bit 'under the weather' with some health issues....relating to some cardio stuff (heart attack survivor of 5 years ago), and now the onset of "Adult Type 2 Diabetes"....I've cut way back on sign production in these semi-retired years o' mine. ;)
    However, I do have to get back on board. I've got some complainin' and bitchin' to do about such things as why my brand new computer isn't supporting.....and/or why my old sign cutting software isn't supporting drivers for my new computer. You know, regular junk LOL . :p
    Thanks for getting me around Reading! I managed (somehow) to make it home! Had a great time!
    Like I was telling Chris a few days ago, "Don't Blink"!
    He grew up way to fast. Yesterday just for "HA HA's" we were having him repeat the alphabet's and he recited them all! Where does the time go! :(
    Slapa - I think the 'it's' in your first sentence should be an 'its'.


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