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  • Yeah, it was really nice to see you both again. AC it is - if we could all find time before that would be great!
    Good to see you too Gene. You two were on the list of people I was looking forward to seeing the most. Too bad we didn't get time to talk more. There's always next year.
    Hey! Send me the cane ASAP if Jess wants it before the big day!
    I'd need to know colors, but I think I could put something pretty on it. It was great to see you guys again.
    It was great to meet you and your (future) Mrs! Glad you got the painting bug. I didn't feel qualified to teach anybody anything!
    For some reason, I had envisioned you as a codger. :)
    Nice to see you're not.
    Hey man, it was great to finally meet you.
    I have a feeling next year is going to be a good one!
    We def. have to get together soon! - We had a great time!
    and I still can't get over that you're not 60 lol lol
    Chantix - the miracle pill!!!!!!

    I kid you not Gene - I was a hardcore smoker (2 packs a day for years) and it couldn't have been easier.
    I've tried just about everything before, but nothing has worked like this....it's almost as though I was never a smoker and just ehhhhhhh it's no big deal
    with this pill. The anxiety is waiting for the day you make your 'quit day', but
    the funny thing is when it comes.........it's really no big deal, no knot in the stomache, you're not pulling out your hair dying for a smoke, no cravings really whatsoever!!!!!! amazing pill, just amazing
    and the vivid dreams are pretty neat too lol
    Hey man-
    Glad you dig the bandanas. My brother and his fiance meeting her parents we just out in you hood this last weekend. I forget where, but it was about even with Bethlehem, PA. Gonna try to get some miles on my motorcycle this weekend.
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