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  • Leigh - it was great seeing you and John again! Maybe we can actually get together sometime before the next nor'easter? I'm guess AC in Dec!
    Oh you gotta go to HAAARAAAHS Baby!
    I can't believe you gave our table away we were just smokin'!!!
    Leigh, you are a cool chick! With a velvet voice...haha. Hey it was a blast to hang out with you and your hubby. Wish we would have had more time. Thanks for the bracelet!
    Leigh - it was great to finally meet you in person! Tell John he really inspired Jess and I to try some new things. We really need to get together again soon! We had a great time with you guys!
    hey, my avatar has a question mark.... I like it better...I'm now the Riddler..

    Hey Leigh - I just noticed in your signature that you quit smoking... Good for you - Keep up the good work! How'd you do it? I need to quit myself - looking for some pointers ;)

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