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  • Sorry Gino. But he really wrote some badddd insulting stuff. And I'm definitely not that type of person.
    Hello, can anyone help me with institutions that provides practical traning on Branding and signs?
    Hello Gino
    can you tell me what software you use when doing car or truck layouts. I can find a program that has all the makes and moldels of cars
    PM me, instead
    Can Anyone help me with a company that does sign permits for a fee
    Blink Signs 1929 St. Clair Ave. Cleveland OHIO
    I watched them for about an hour or so some years ago. They really had it down pat. I was so impressed, it made me not wanna do wraps, as we couldn't hold a torch to them. So, I googled them and found out they have many crews that travel all around the country and Canada. This particular company was from Canada. I don't think Justin Pate could go as fast as these guys.

    What company is this maybe I can hire them?
    CAP- has hook and loop 1/2" for $13.00 each.


    Janelle Fitzpatrick
    I am new to this site and just started a business making decorative wall panels with 5mm PVC foam and mirrored acrylic. I see in a post you mentioned you had a good supplier. Would you consider sharing your source? Any direction would be greatly appreciated!!!
    Good Morning, Elese!

    I work for CAP- both a Supplier and Developer of High Performance Pressure Sensitive Tapes!

    *USA Made -in-house manufacturing
    *High Quality (Premium Product(s)

    Give me a call-- I'd love to see how I can be of any help!

    Best of luck to you and Congratulations! :)

    Wishing you and yours a VERY Happy Thanksgiving!


    Janelle F.
    Thanks for the feedback on my logo. Glad im not the only one that doesn't get all upset when someone calls my business by the wrong name.

    Out doing an instal in Delaware. Left at 5:30 am and got back around 9pm. Job is worth about $67,000 from start to finish and it takes us one full day and a crew of 4 to get it done in about 7 hours, plus travel time. I love these kinda jobs. Have another one coming up in April or May and another one around August and maybe one more before Thanksgiving. Then they also have smaller stores which go around $40,000 or so a piece... which is about 5 or 6 a year of those. Gotta love those few days a year when I get a break from this place. :ROFLMAO:
    Gino.....you don't scare me one bit.Do all the pounding you want. You are a bully that needs his little wings clipped....go for it.This is an open invite!
    Nope. Just drink and that's coming to an end on Monday. So, I'll be posting even more........ Hahahahahahahaaaaaaaa.................
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