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Tim Aucoin
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  • Hi Tim, my name is Pat, Im in Richmond BC. I saw an old post of yours with a photo of a Keencut Excalibur 3000. Im considering an Excalibur for cutting 3mm dibond with its twin wheel cutter. Have you used yours to cut dibond or other 3mm acm at all? Any recommendations thx?
    Tim, Yes! That would be great! I am trying to price out some posters. Also, the poster material is melting or blistering. I think my heat is too high.
    Hey T3, Did ya get my message i sent a few days ago?
    Thanks Tim! I feel younger that's for sure.
    Now if I could only magically improve my memory!
    Thanks Jill! We just got back from our Transatlantic Cruise from Rome to New York... I had a good birthday in Barcelona, Spain!!!
    Good Afternoon,

    I would like to look at your spreadsheet.
    We have a Solara UV2. I am thinking of purchasing a Roland VP540. If I may ask...
    What is your overall impression of the Roland?

    Thank you in advance.
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