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  • HI MIKEPRO can u tell me how u find the solutions with White Dots appearing in prints..I have same problem..Sory Im albanian and I writte maybe with some problem ples send me a letter in my account: idushi_lucky@hotmail.com Thnx a lot
    I wonder if similar cycle is available under JV33's maintenance menu.
    Thanks for your input and suggestions sir.
    disway wash is a cycle through the JV3 maintenance menu that allows you to cycle cleaning solution through the capping station/drainage lines. a must for your bi-weekly maintenance routine.
    Hi MikePro,

    You suggested the following;
    "try doing a disway wash after your nozzle wash and the printer will try to cycle ink before doing a test draw."
    I am not clear what do you mean by disway wash.Would you mind explaining what do you mean by this. I thought it is some kind of cleaning cycle under the maintenance menu but there is no such item in the menus.
    Thanks for your help and suggestions.
    I know I do have a some sort of ink flow but I can't figure it out. It drives me nuts.


    Hiya! Muskego eh? Sweet, just spent a buncha time up there putting up some new Muskego Business Park signage! Born and raised in Racine, myself. 3rd generation sign guy, in the family business.
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