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  • jack, you think you could help me sir. I saw where u said you fixed your heater control on your pro 2...could you possibly tell me how you did it and where you got the parts to fix it...don't really want to spend 600 on this one part. thank you
    Thanks for he quick response to my board post! I added a few more questions if you don't mind trying to answering them.
    Hi jack would you mind calling me I have same issue with a blown headboard and need consultation on how to figure out which resistor to replace.Ben 610 547 6776
    Hey there Jack,
    You have a SJ-745EX don't you?
    Just wondering whether you have trouble printing @ 720 mode without banding.
    I seem to have to print at 1440x720 on vinyl for band free output.
    Banners are ok at 720 though.
    This really slows down the throughput.
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