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  1. Question Ink all around cap tops, this normal?

    I buy the swabs from Amazon. Buy them in a bulk pack of 300 and clean your Roland on a regular schedule, like weekly.
  2. HP 700w roll management - how do you keep track of how much roll is left?

    I use 100' rolls. So I send approximately 30, 36" jobs to the printer when it's done printing I might add a few more depending on what's left. Or start the next roll and save the butt roll for one off's
  3. Need Help Registration marks are printing off.

    This problem is looking like the media was not loaded correctly. We have a person that is a button pusher and tries to help out, but screws things up 30% of the time. He is great at packaging, shipping and knowing how machines work. But when it comes down to producing a finished product he is...
  4. Question Ink all around cap tops, this normal?

    That looks like a little over spray. Just keep cleaning them once a week so it does not build up and destroys Your cap tops.
  5. Need Help Registration marks are printing off.

    I don't think It's a shop temperature issue.
  6. Need Help Registration marks are printing off.

    That clacking noise could be your media guides hitting against the print head as it passes over them. Make sure they are flat.
  7. Question Bubbles in vinyl?

    What printer? Pre Heat set too High
  8. Carrier sheet to save cut strip?

    Reduce your pressure when cutting. If you are cutting into the strip you are cutting too deep.
  9. News I have this one prediction.............................................

    Daytona Beach Florida just had Jeep Beach Week here and I was behind this. WHY!
  10. Graphtec FC5100-130 - used - pricing

    Offer $1600 I just bought four graftec 8600-130 cutters for 10 grand, and they are in pristine condition. These graftec cutters are almost bullet proof.
  11. Making car magnets...need help

    Started out with the 60's but they burn up quick, that's why I use my old 45's from vinyl cutting. Now that I have six graftec 8600's and a 9000 I have plenty of used blades.
  12. Making car magnets...need help

    I use my used 45 degree blades from my graftec 8600 cutters. Cutting mag material burns blades up quick.
  13. Making car magnets...need help

    I attach a thin sheet of corrugated cardboard, ridges facing down. Printed and cut two 50' rolls today. I only have six rolls left and ordered another 30 rolls which will be here in 12 to 16 weeks. Glad I look into the future and not waiting till the last hour.
  14. Making car magnets...need help

    Never had a head strike. Knock on wood. If you set everything up right it runs perfect. 22 rolls in three months.