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  • My grandfather has left me a sign business. I know little about the digital printing end. I have bee3n the design and vinyl application for 6 years.

    I am looking for help adjusting print heads on a Mutoh Falcon 48" I was told to get a service manual. Can you help me with that? I have looked everywhere and all I can seem to find is the Falcon II manual?

    I also need help with colors? is there a place that I can go that gives help with icc profiles and color adjustment?

    MacDaddy i read your the man on the mutoh's i got a falcon 62 inch that had been cleaned and washed out and sitting having a problem with micr banding and since the heads were replaced i think it defaulted to the old head rank numbers, i cant find out how to adjust the head rank and pitch on the heads i cant find any procedure on replacing them that matches what i have i called mutoh for the manual and they said they dont have anymore printed ones for sale i hade feelers and tubelite call and they said they would see if they can get one. do you have any ideas there arent any adjustment scres just notches but moving them it doesnt efect the heads that i can tell any help will be apr8'd
    hey wats up im have some problems with my falcon outdoor jr it was printin before then we did a head clean due to the print not been clear and banding no i have change the heads and now i get noting it will move like its printing but no ink come out wa shud i do

    I need the service manual for the valuejet 1204 and valuejet 1614, i am based in Nairobi, Kenya and its very difficult for me to source any of these locally,

    Any help you can provide will be much appreciated. my email add is
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