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  • Hi Nate, Are you still looking for sewing patterns, I have hockey jersey patterns for sale. xs youth to xxl adult + goalie cut. 4 sizes of socks
    let me know if you are interested
    That’s great Nate. I’m very happy for you. That has not been my expierience. I have been waiting 2 weeks now. Calls go into their VM, no return calls when requested or replies to our request for an update.
    Thx for your input.
    I saw you were selling a multicut on a thread on here. We are looking into buying some kind of flatbed cutter and currently have a quote on the multicut and an esko and a summa F series. What were your opinions on the multicut, was it easy to use and operate?
    I have a client possibly looking for a 6 x 10 ft flag like banner - so sublimated or printed on fabric. Are you able to do this and if so what is your trade and retail pricing with shipping to address in Missouri?
    I saw in your signature that you are selling 3M carwrap and lam for $2.90 per sq. ft. for signs101.com members. Do you have a different price for calendared vinyl with lam? I am looking to have a couple 4'x8' prints made. Also, what is your turnaround time before being shipped?
    I've got and XJ-740 we are considering parting with. Its 3 years old. Prints like when we first bought it. Printheads in the machine have been replaced about 1 1/2 yrs old at this point and firing well. Scan motor is a little noisy, but if we sold it I think we would credit for a replacement (about $800-$100 depending on the dealer)

    We are just about to order a new printer and we we're planning on sitting on the XJ awhile to see if we actually want to sell it.
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