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  • normal cable and a cable that I found a pin out location so I tried to make my own but neither cable worked so not sure if you can steer me in the right direction. I appreciate your time. If you need any info just let me know.
    Thanks, Brian
    (sorry it will only let me type 420 characters at a time
    usb adapter which I got but I see people are fighting over what kind of cable some people say its just a normal
    cable or a null cable and some say its a graphtec only cable (which they dont support anymore) I have I think a
    Hi Netsol, I was wondering if you could give me some advice, so when I look up my problem in this forum you seem to know what is going on and I think are the closes to my problem.
    So I have a graphtec fc7000mkc-160 and I had it hooked up to USB and worked great but then all of a sudden stopped which I see is kinda the norm on these, so I have a rs232 hook up and people recommend the keyspan
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