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  • Hi phil

    Im wondering if you can help me with my summa d140r .. my opos is off when i do the weed rectangle .. is therr a way to factory reset my machine soni can start again thanks
    Hi Phil !
    TresL Recommend me to you and sad that you cuold help me little bit.
    iam just getting started making motocross decals in sweden, i have now one roland sp 300v that iam using for the decals but it not the best cutting machin to handle the thick laminate and vinyl(convex) so tresl recommend me to buy a summa s 75t he using it for the same kind of work. He sad you can help me how the machin works with the sp 300. i have only worked with versaworks but i know i need an other program to the summa right ? which one do recommend and how doest work? iam using coreldraw 5x.

    hope you can walk me throw so i know allitle bit more.

    Best regards Robert
    Hello Phil,
    This John from SF area, how do you take your existing eps file, like the NY Yankee logo
    and you see it in Adobe CS4, then get it the cutter in Mac sign? What is the process? Help & Lost!
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