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  • Randya the guru. Need you help again. Getting lots of wiping blade errors. Is that an easy replacement or leave it to the professionals?


    Thanks for your advice about my VJ 1304 head wash. For me to uncap the head, do I need to remove the right cover, or put the machine in maintenance mode?

    Thanks again,
    Not sure,
    Could be a connection that it is not seeing that keeps it from booting up.
    Could be corrupt firmware.
    You might call Mutoh Customer Care and as them, I will be at SGIA all week.
    Hi Randya,
    i did fix the main board on my TOUCAN LT put all boards back
    now this is what i'm getting can you help please

    i turn the pwoer on
    1-LCD comes on
    VER 2.10
    what do you think ?
    thank you
    Hi Randya,
    Wondering if you have any advice on the following:

    I had some blocked heads in the black only. I removed the heads and flushed the heads with some cleaning solution. When I put the heads back in it kept saying Error Head Cable. I replaced the print Head Cables.

    At first I was getting an Err Head Heat but fixed this by reversing the print head cable. The machine now goes through full initialization at start, and have done a series of head cleans but now when I print... no ink comes out of the print heads at all. When I do the nozzle check no ink prints on any of the colours.
    I can confirm that there is ink in the print heads also.

    Also, best to add that I have checked the dampers which seem ok and can physically see the ink sucking through the lines when I do a Head Clean.

    Not sure if it is still a printhead issue or a main board issue?

    Any feedback or advice would be great. Thanks
    I am not really sure, the Toucan LT is made in Japan, the 65 is made in Europe.
    The 65 will be more like a Rockhopper 3 and Falcon Outdoor II.
    They should use the same heads, and probably many parts will interchange, but I dont know which ones.
    Hi Randya hope all is well
    im thinking buying a XEROX 8265 for parts i know is mutoh but what model mutoh will the parts work with will it work with Toucan LT?
    i can not inspect the printer im having it ship to me
    thank you
    Hi Randya,
    can you or any friend please tell me what it means when TP7 &TP8 led is off on the main board of TOUCAN LT 64" i dont have a service manual.
    the display light is off i can power on but i'll get a beeping
    can anyone please tell me what to do i had change the tape cable and display also the ram dimm.
    thank you for your help
    Hi Randya,
    i think so
    connections of
    the power supply or LCD tape cable maybe.
    i just find a
    GSU + GSU AM
    Rockhopper II series printers – Maintenance Manual
    it look like its almost the same as Toucan LT so i now have some part #s
    i have taken this printer down to frame and learned that head one and head six cables was not connected two broken sensores on the take up back side.
    do you know anyone who fixes Mutoh boards?
    Kind Regards
    Hi Randya,

    Have mailed you, please check if you can help me, think you are the right person to ask.

    Best regards
    Hi Randya
    Would you know why I am getting "no heat sys" error
    When I look at the firmware version it is 0.00
    Finally got my print server working and then had some ink contamination i got the ink back through now i have only a few lines printing on one head after i pulled ink through it was better and then i ran several cleanings and nozzle checks and now just have a few lines in the three blocks other three are fine i have flushed lines to waste tank cleaned capping station and put cleaner on capping station and let set just gets worse what do i need to do?
    HI Randya,
    I have a question to ask. i got a new print head after the earlier disaster, and the head is fine no errors. the fuse was blown, so today i replaced the f2 fuse as well. but i forgot (grave mistake) to connect all the connectors as there was a phone call. thinking that everything was well i started the machine. only to be greeted by wiper sns error. My question is, can that have caused any other problem? like a fuse blown? was heart broken and came off, will try doing it tomorrow morning, but only after reading your reply.
    Good Afternoon!
    excuse the abuse, so you could pass me the maual service VJ 1614'm from Brazil here is hard to find information. and if you can pass me really appreciate the help.
    Please send to: balacomunicacao@hotmail.com
    Please help me.

    I have ValueJet 1614 with refill system and yesterday i have big problems. One of my car was empty and i insert new one and the printer didnt read it (message: Not original), i try few times (turn off.on and again) and i receive this message for every colors,

    I call person who is responsible for my printer he fix (i dont know how - luck i think) and now i have problem with the printing (color have wight lines).

    I clean the head few times but i have the same problem. Wight lines on steps is here and also the eage is not strong line (it is with some dots).

    Please help me i have a lot of work and i dont know what to do.

    Thanks in advance.
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