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Raum Divarco
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  • The partnership with Elitron America Inc., underscores
    CUTWORX USA’s strategy of providing & supporting innovative industry leading finishing solutions.


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    Apex Digital Flatbed Cutter. PRINTING United Alliance 2020 Product of the Year Award in the Lasers/Routers/Cutters 4'x8' or smaller category
    If anyone has some Digital Finishing questions in general or about Colex feel free to reach out.
    Raum, I have a question about how to get the Colex to recognize multiple layers so I can have a cut/crease done on the same sheet. Right now I can do them separately by selecting the right lines and running it through twice but I am getting ready to do a long production run and want to be able to do both the crease and cut from the same setup without having to run each sheet twice.
    Midwest installation, service and application specialist for print finishing. Colex Sharpcut (X/Y/Z) cutters and Fotoba (X/Y) cutters.
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