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  1. Application Roller For Existing Table. Any Ideas?

    We have a CWt - no heat assist on ours. We use it to laminate, mask wide format prints, and we apply vinyl to wide things, like reverse weed translucent onto acrylic our polycarbonate faces. Love it.
  2. Looking for Canon Oce Arizona feedback

    the 365 is faster in all print modes - but only by a little. Same Picoliter drop sizes, but the 365 has two 318 nozzle printheads and the other has one 636 - same number of nozzles total, not sure the advantage of two printheads over one. Have never run an Arizona, we have a FluidColor and had a...
  3. RollsRoller Adjustable Table Height

    Here is an owners manual. In English on page 50... https://www.rollsroller.com/media/1121/rollsroller-owners-manual.pdf
  4. Discussion New machine or repair old

    Seems like the XR-640 cost about 16k new some years ago. Hard to justify putting that much into it. That said, we had a bad head strike a little over 4 years ago and replaced the heads. Machine is running great still. Head strike is caused by material tunneling as it feeds - often unequal wear...
  5. Need Help Wrap removal on an aluminum tank truck

    One thought this morning: remeber the angle you pull the vinyl up at impacts its ability to come off in one piece and with the adhesive (to some degree). Try pulling at 45 and 90 degrees, usually 135 degrees and 180 degrees are both too much. Scrapers and Lil Chiseler are to start the vinyl, not...
  6. Need Help Wrap removal on an aluminum tank truck

    Wall-paper steamer... dangerous to use heat (though sun will warm it up for you), but when you need heat on any fuel vehicle a wall-paper steamer is the way to go. Lil Chiseler scrappers help. We also have 4" Plastic Safety Scrapers (Item SRWGPO) we got off of Amazon. Some Rapid Remover to get...
  7. Environmentally Friendly Print Media, with Adhesive... Please Recommend!

    Orajet 3981 RapidAir Premium Digital Eco Print Film and then there is Oraguard 289F PVC-Free Laminate to put on it. Not cheap, but 10year outdoor life and suitable for wraps. You can read a bit of it on Grimco's site, though they are out of stock right now...
  8. panel size

    We have some very OLD ones still here. Can't promise yours is the same size, but ours takes a 39.5x95.75 panel and the channel accommodates a .75" panel.
  9. Blurry, Grainy print quality -- Zhongye E1800

    I am not familiar with this brand, but looks like what you get when your flatbed printer negative pressure needs adjustment. Sometimes an air bubble can do something similar, but consistency points to negative pressure (the negative pressure setting holds the ink in the head until printing, too...
  10. Bonding Recommendations

    Read the directions... used to be with Liquid Nails, you put the adhesive on one side, lay on the substrate, pull back off and wait 10 seconds (or so) and then put it back on for a better bond.
  11. Bonding Recommendations

    Liquid Nails Fuze It All Surface would be what I would try now. I think what we used to use was Liquid Nails Extreme Heavy Duty
  12. Bonding Recommendations

    On big stuff, we used to use Liquid Nails. Care must be taken to spread it evenly on you see slight ripples in the aluminum. Now we hardly ever need do that - instead we buy Aluminum composite (ACM), which happens to come in brushed aluminum finish as one of the colors.
  13. GF HTAP 201-AE - Looking for suitable application tape

    Haven't used 201HTAP, but can say 3M SCPS-55 or R-Tape 4075 Conform RLA do not stick real well to GF 226HTR and MacTac Rebel 228H. They will work, but you have to remove the wax liner from the masked vinyl, not the vinyl from the waxed liner. Might try 4076 Conform RLA Higher Tack or 4885 Super...
  14. GMS-Graphic Marking System contact

    We just got some parts from them last week. They are in Illinois, so time difference for us. Phone number is 800 232 8018 if you want to compare with number you are using. I haven't had too much problem reaching after noon East Coast time.
  15. Which Vinyl for outdoor Backlit Polycarbonate/Acrylic sign?

    As far as materials: 1. Acrylic for 4x4, polycarbonate for large faces. Polycarbonate needs to be off-gassed for 24-48 hours before applying vinyl to the faces - that means pulling the masking off 24-48 hours before lettering. 2. Translucent vinyl would be appropriate, and was designed for this...