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  • Hiya: You said you have instructions etc. for head alignment etc. really need it - please advise - HELP ... thanks - Art - fabrix@earthlink.net
    Yes I did have a problem like that. I took a piece of 2 mm di-bond and (oh unplug the machine) Take off the black cover on the heads. Loosen the holders for the heads and put it in thick. Place the di bond under the heads. Lower the head to thin(loosen four screws on the outside of the perimeter of the heads.....2 on the left 2 on the right. They are the bigger ones. Let the heads rest gently on the dibond.Now check to see that you are (thin)make sure the black adjustment arm is up. Take a flashlight and make sure the heads are flat on the dibond and tighten the 4 screws. Pretty simple . For some reason my heads had been knocked out of whack. Also make sure the capping station is clean. Also remove the 3 screws that are in the capping station and replace 1 at a time with flush philps(stainless screws the same size) I took a countersink and reamed the screwholes!!! These screws destroyed one of my heads
    hey! i noticed in a thread about accessing service mode that you messed up your printer by doing capping adjust.

    my capping station is currently a little out of whack and I'm interested in trying to fix it myself.

    right now when i run the printer in "thin" material mode, the bottom of the heads will strike the top of the caps when returning to the capping station. when i set the carriage to "thick" material height, it's fine, but i'd like to fix it. also, i noticed when the machine is cleaning itself out in the capping station that the heads and caps arn't dead on center.

    did you have any problems like this?

    - thanks,
    - rob

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