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  • Hi Sir, is posible you can unlock smartcards on 1324 and 1628 models?
    We have several machines to unlock
    Need help unlocking my vj1624. Using Mutoh Eco-Solvent inks and having ongoing issues with S/C read errors. Are you able to help?
    hi, I'm interested in unlocking my vj1624. I'm using bordeaux inks but keep getting s/c errors on new cards. Can you help?

    I saw your message about helping the CMYK Not Original errors. We definitely need some help.

    We have a Xerox 8254E (OEM'd from the Mutoh ValueJet 1304) and need help either getting rid of the ink security controls or re-coding the machine from Xerox to Mutoh.

    Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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