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  • Tony I keep getting a code in the GQMgr File gq_pftp.cpp Line 1053. I've downloaded the USB to parallel port drivers from gsp web site I wait until they're loaded, I plug in the Edge 1, the computer see it but I keep getting the code. The operating system on the computer is windows 7 since I'm using and old printed. I have omega 6 installed.

    I just reinstalled Omega 3.0 on a new computer and now when I try to overwrite an existing plt file it is saving it as (filename)-30. I know i had this same problem the last time I switched computers. I installed the service pack 1. What do I need to do?

    Justin Hurt
    Tony...I have a gerber omega 2.0 software. My computer crashed last week and we got a new one. Then we had to install Windows XP which is compatible with gerber. We installed it fine but then we went to open it and it gave us a error message that read Composer not licensed for this version. Everyone that I have talked to cannot recommend a solution. Then somebody metioned you.

    Thank you,
    Karen C
    Tony...can you help me? My 4B has worked great but I just hooked it up to flexiStarter and in addition to a 1" letter in flexi plotting as a 5" letter.....now the plot is broken/fractured lines, ovals that are screwed up, lines going nowhere. I have it set up in Production Manager as Gerber/HP15.

    Do you know is there an adjustment on the plotter I need to make to help it find its brain? This is a great machine in great condition and I know it will work if I can get things set right. I'd appreciate any help you can give me....I've got a big job to cut sandblast vinyl for and I'm hanging in the wind right now. thanks, Amy
    Jeff, all you need to do is contact your Gerber Distributor. I'm not sure on the price. You will love all the new features. If you do not have a particular distributor you deal with Advantage Sign if one mentioned most often.
    Tony: Would like to upgrade G.A.6.0. please let me know what options I have to do this. Thanks, Jeff
    Mr. Teveris

    I am new to the signs101 forum and recently picked up a used Super Sprint Plotter which I am not all that familiar with and was wondering if You could offered some advice with a couple of issues?

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